Book Review: Innocence Lives in an Eyrie by Vaibhav Saini

 Thank you New Asian Writing: Online Asian Literary Community, for this wonderful review 5 of 5! "The book is intriguing and has all the ingredients of a great novel. It opens with a bang ending, progresses slowly into a very interesting story and has a nice climax that will satisfy every reader."

Innocence Lives in an Eyrie

“There’s a teenager outside the studio with a gun to his head. He is threatening to shoot himself unless you interview him. He has a story that will make you believe there is no God,” they told Babudeep Roy. Innocence Lives in an Eyrie, set in the villages and metropolises across India, is a coming-of-age tale examining gender, identity, ambition, first love, friendship, and family obligations in a society mired in superstition and prejudice.

 Vaibhav Saini



Código nautilo

Código nautilo

Código nautilo is a collection of poems by Nancy Bird, written during her travels between 2001 and 2018. Poems evoke the joys of nature, observation, travel, ordinary life in the Caribbean and Puerto Rican landscapes after Hurricane Maria.  

Código nautilo es una colección de poemas por Nancy Bird, escritos durante sus viajes entre el 2001 y el 2018. Dichos poemas evocan los encantos de la naturaleza, los viajes, la vida ordinaria en el Caribe y los paisajes de Puerto Rico después del Huracán Maria.

Nancy Bird




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