"...A medium passing under the control of some external force, as for the transmission of communications." 

It's time to tell our empowerment stories.  

Editorial Trance is a publisher & media platform celebrating & empowering women, people of color and marginalized voices through literary works of all genres.

Do you have a powerful immigration story? Send it. The world needs to hear your voice. Are you an activist constantly rejected for publication for having a strong unpopular view point? Submit it. We do not believe in censorship. The world needs to hear all points. Are you an ally that loves celebrating and empowering women? We want to read from you! 

We foster compelling stories about resistance, immigration, empowerment, women issues and social justice. We publish e-books, and multi-media pieces for multi-cultural  audiences. We'll unveil works that break new ground, covering all genres. What do we like? Work that moves, entertains, educates, empowers, reveals, and builds new ground—shocks, even. 

All contributor's pieces will be posted at our sister magazine Enclave.