Puerto Rico Vive Anthology
  • Puerto Rico Vive Anthology
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On September 20, 2017, Hurricane María ravaged our beloved Borikén. One year later, we remember the 2,975 lives lost during the longest blackout in U.S. history, and the federal and local negligence. We’re left on our own. Puerto Ricans on the island and the Diaspora, alongside allies from all communities, came together to reconstruct, rebuild, and reaffirm that Puerto Rico lives.

Puerto Rico Vive Anthology gives a glimpse of what it is to be Puerto Rican, despite of our crisis. This is a short, personal read for a long, collective recovery. These wonderful authors- Benjamín Milano Albino, Maribel V. Bird, Pedro Aponte Vázquez, Fernando E. E. Correa González, Taína Delamar, Juan Morales, Denise Rivera, María Elisa Terrón, Nancy Bird-Soto, and Hector Luis Alamo- reignite the Puerto Rican literary fire to help our beloved island. This bilingual anthology reminiscences on our history, seen through the authors’ own personal lenses. All-in-all, one message is clear: There is power in our humanity.

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