Writers, here's your chance:

Alright, we know you'd love to express yourself. You have this deep secret about an experience you'd like to share with the world. Or you can't wait to share your immigration story, while preserving anonymity. We get it! We welcome all voices! Yes, that means you.

Here we break down some rules to make all our lives easier.

Blog, Article, or Opinion pieces for Enclave Magazine:

Submission Guidelines:

  • Please send a brief query to before submitting, so that an editor can approve your pitch and provide guidance.

  • Submissions should be around 400 words in length and no more than 1500 words, with higher word limits granted for interviews and pieces which combine reporting and analysis.

  • Submissions should be sent in Word format to If it's a video, provide a link and password, if it's private.

  • Submissions must have embedded links and must be sent with hi-res images with proper credits.

  • If the piece is not anonymous, please send it with a 3 sentence bio and social media handles for Twitter and Instagram.

Editorial Guidelines:

  • Title — No inappropriate language; apostrophes in place of quotation marks; capitalization of non-articles and non-prepositions; "(VIDEO)” at the end, if a video is featured.

  • Featured Image (unless a video) — at top; appropriate and pertinent to the piece; no copyright infringement (; caption must contain photo credit with a link to the source

  • Author — Should you decide NOT to be credited for your piece and want to remain anonymous, we'll attribute it as “Guest Contributor.”

  • Style — AP, MLA and Chicago styles are all acceptable, so long as style is consistent throughout each piece.

  • Citations — Disputable claims made based on evidence, and facts should be linked to via hyperlinks and properly credited. No tolerance for Plagiarism.

Books/ E-Books:

Editorial Trance, a royalty paying e-publisher, is currently seeking to work with bold and new independent writers. We seek to broaden the literary horizon of the diverse, multi-cultural female experience in English and Spanish. At this time we are looking to publish and market e-books and authors that will leave permanent impressions on readers’ minds.

Please read the information and guidelines carefully before making your submission.

  • We accept unsolicited manuscripts via email only

  • We do not accept hard copy submissions.

  • All material must be new and previously unpublished as an eBook.

  • We are also accepting published projects that aren't available as eBooks.

  • Editorial Trance is a royalty-paying e-publisher. There are no fees associated with editing or e-publishing. All material submitted and e-published remains the property of the author.

  • Authors should have an understanding of the digital landscape, which includes- but is not limited to- promoting their work through social media.

  • Authors must be willing to participate in events, such as: media coverage, readings, interviews, panels, conferences and seminars.

  • Allow up to 10 weeks for submissions-related responses. 

We do not accept:

  • Unfinished, unpolished manuscripts. Make sure your work is completed and free of grammar errors.

  • Technical writing

  • How-To or Self-Help

  • Religious and Political Propaganda

Please submit your completed manuscript. Have a cover letter as the first page which contains your contact information and relevant biographical information, including previous publication history, the genre of your manuscript and a synopsis. Please copy and paste this cover letter in the body of the email.

Please submit 10 pieces of poetry from your completed manuscript of at least 20 poems.  We are looking for manuscripts with an average minimum of 20 to 50 poems.  If we are interested we will contact you for the full manuscript.   Make sure the cover page contains your contact information and relevant biographical information including previous publication history.  Also include a brief description of the completed manuscript.

Submission Checklist:

  • Biography (including all website and social media URL’s)

  • Contact information

  • Manuscript or 10+ Poems

  • Synopsis + stated genre of your manuscript